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Best Jazz Monthly Snapchat Package

Best Jazz Monthly Snapchat Package
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Jazz Monthly Snapchat Package

Jazz Monthly Snapchat Package, If you are looking for the best jazz monthly Snapchat offer you are at the right place. Jazz always produces the best and budget-friendly offers for their customers. Jazz monthly Snapchat package is also the best offer for those users who want to use only Snapchat on a monthly basis.

Jazz Monthly Snapchat Package Overview

In this offer, you will get 5GB of Snapchat internet for 30 days. You can use the internet only just the Snapchat app. You can’t use this Snapchat monthly 5 GB internet on another app like WhatsApp or Instagram. This works only on Snapchat. With this offer, you will get 5GB of social internet. You can make the story and send it to your storyline and enjoy your day.

Package Details

Offer Name Snapchat Monthly
Price Rs. 147 inc tax
Duration 30 Days
Data 7 GB
Subscription *661#


How to Subscribe Jazz Monthly Snapchat Offer

Now I will discuss how to subscribe to the jazz monthly Snapchat package. The subscription of this offer is very simple and easy. The cost of this offer is Rs 175 inc tax and the duration of this offer is one month and 30 days validity.

Goto your mobile Jazz World app or Jaz Cash app. A menu will appear which shows the option packages. Just press it and the jazz package page will open. simply go to the Data tape which shows on that page and then search Jaz monthly Snapchat offer. press on the subscribe button. Then you will receive the confirmation SMS The offer is now activated on your number. 

How to Check Jazz Monthly Snapchat Package

If you want to check how much data remaining in this offer. Or if you want to know about the remaining time this is very simple and easy to know. Just open your mobile Jazz World app and You will see the status of this offer on the front page of the Jazz World app remaining data and the duration of this offer. Also check

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