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Jazz 100 Rupees Internet Package Code

Jazz 100 Rupees Internet Package Code
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Jazz 100 Rupees Internet Package Code

If you are struggling to find a jazz 100 rupees internet package or under Rs 100rupees then you are at the best place now. In this place, you will get very nice packages with full details and a complete guide about jazz packages for just 100 rupees. I will also show you some jazz packages below 100 rupees that sound good, let’s start now.


If you are searching on the internet for a package that contains Internet and voice data then you are at the right place. In Give A Bundle you will get both things together internet MB and voice Data. So you can enjoy your voice data while using Internet MB in just one package.

And the best thing about this offer is that you have to pay just only Rs 35 rupees and you will get this offer. In this offer, you will get 1GB of internet Data with 100 Jazz to Jazz minutes. The duration of this offer is 3 Days. You can use this 1GB DATA at any time. This Internet 1GB is not only for social platforms you can use this 1GB data in any app that you have on your mobile.

Packages Detail

Now I will show you the complete details about Give A Bundle.

Package Name Give A Bundle
Price Rs 35 (Incl.tax)
Duration 3 Days
Subscribe Code *919#
Status Code *898*2#
Internet Data 1GB
Voice Data 100 Jazz to Jazz Minutes

How to Subscribe Give A Bundle Package

  1. Open your mobile phone dialer.
  2. Dial *919# into your dial pad.
  3. A pop-up menu will appear with some options.
  4. Click on the Subscribe option in the given menu.
  5. The amount of this offer will be detected in your account which is just only aRs 35 (Incl.tax).
  6. You will receive a confirmation SMS about the activation of this offer in your number.
  7. You will receive 1GB of internet Data and 100 jazz-to-jazz minutes.

You can use this Internet data at any time in a 3-day duration period.

You can check the remaining Data by dialing this code *898*2#

Previous data will be added to the next one if you active this offer more than once in between of 3 days duration.

Now you can enjoy this offer.

Voice Infinity Offer

Voice infinity offer is the best offer which you really need at just Rs100 rupees. The duration of this offer is 90 Days for just 100 rupees which makes this offer supper important for you and you will enjoy a lot with your family and friends without fear of time limitations.

Often we have fear when we are calling our personals that the offer is not inactive due to time limitations now in this package, you will get 120 jazz to jazz on net minutes and 20 other network minutes which is off-net. You can enjoy this package at any time without looking back to jazz usage details for the offer duration. So you will enjoy a moment with family and friends.

The price for Gwadar and Turbat of Voice infinity is  Rs128 (Incl tax). If you are from those areas then you would need to pay Rs128 (Incl tax)  to activate this offer on your mobile phone. But you still get the same duration period for this offer and the same Voice Data just the price is higher. Also read

Packages Detail

Now I will show you the complete details about the voice infinity offer.

Package Name


Voice Infinity
Price Rs 100 Incl.Tax
Price forGwadar/Turbat RS 128 Inc.tax
Duration 90 Days
Subscribe Code *710#
Status Code *710*2#
Information Code *710*3#
Voice On-net Minutes 120 minutes
Voice Off-net Minutes 20 off-net minutes


How to Subscribe Voice Infinity Package

  1. First of all, you have to open your mobile dialer.
  2. Dial *710# code from Jazz Sim in your mobile dialer.
  3. Click the subscribes option in the menu.
  4. Rs 100 rupees will be detected from your account.
  5. You will receive a confirmation SMS that this offer is now activated on your number.
  6. You will get 120 jazz-to-jazz minutes and 20 other minutes.

Jazz and other network minutes and SMS will be available 24 hours a day (no time limit) You can use these minutes at any time.

This voice infinity is non-recursive and customers will have to dial *710# again to avail of the offer more than once.

if you want to check reaming voice Data then you can check by dialing this code *710*2#.

if you just only want to know information about the Voice Infinity offer then you can check by dialing this code *710*3#.

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